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Rob Gronkowski joins brothers on Twitter to answer questions

Rob Gronkowski joined his four brothers to answer questions on Twitter.
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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski joined his brothers on Twitter to answer questions from fans about their college years. Here are some of the best answers.

What did the Gronkowskis major in?

“@patsdyn we all were business majors. @robgronkowski and I were marketing and @chrisgronkowski was accounting. #getgronkd
 Dan Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

Which brother received the most college offers?
“@smithysmith1890 @robgronkowski had the most offers. @chrisgronkowski & I didn't have many offers but made the best of our chance #getgronkd
 Dan Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet

What is the Gronkowskis' favorite sport to watch besides football?
“@GronkNation @jdawg911 @RobGronkowski hockey, the icecats had like 5 fights a game and biggest hits! #getGronkd
 Chris Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet

Who set the most records in high school?
“@ggronko @robgronkowski oh yeah I have to most defensive turnovers in a game! #schoolrecord
 Chris Gronkowski15 hours agoReplyRetweet

What was Rob's favorite year of college?
“@asheehann @GronkNation ahh my favorite year was def sophmore year! Cant get any better then that! #getgronkd
 Rob Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

How does Gordie Gronkowski Jr., a minor league baseball player, think his physique stacks up against his brothers'?
“@jens22 not more jacked then @DGronko or @RobGronkowski, i just have better looks & dance moves! Drop it to the floor! that happens. awww jk
 Gordie Gronkowski JR8 days agoReplyRetweet 

A little less muscle doesn't keep Gordie down, though.
“@DGronko Lets be honest. you might be more jacked but im better looking. But you we will see whose move jacked this summer!!! awwww
 Gordie Gronkowski JR8 days agoReplyRetweet 

What number did Dan wear at Maryland?
“@jacklyonsriley #13 went to college as a QB. #getgronkd
 Dan Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

What advice does Chris give to incoming college students?
“@KW0N9 @GronkNation @RobGronkowski @DGronko @ggronko play halo, meet alot of ppl, party cuz you wont be able to do that stuff to much after
 Chris Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

What did Rob keep in his dorm room fridge?
“@Michellechiomas @GronkNation protein shakes, turkey, bread and peanut butter and jellys!
 Rob Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

Which brother was most homesick when he left for school?
“@fef1234 definitely @RobGronkowski when he went to pittsburgh for his senior year of highschool. #getGronkd
 Chris Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

Is it better to stay close to home or travel far away for college?
“@D_Delvecchio @RobGronkowski @DGronko @GronkNation yess go away for college, you have to learn how to live on your own and meet new people.Chris Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

“#GronkAdvice. Go away to college, have a good time and money from reselling books is the best. #getgronkd
 Dan Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

What was Rob's favorite class?
“@mmccafferty2729 O got to go with the retailing class
 Rob Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

Which Gronkowski had the highest GPA?
“@jdawg911 @Chrisgronkowski did...he was a genius in class
 Rob Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

What other sports did the brothers play in college?
“@D_Delvecchio @RobGronkowski @DGronko @GronkNation I played baseball at arizona for a year #getGronkd
 Chris Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

How were the parties at Arizona State?
“@Lally1_STMA terrible because I didn't go there...went to u of a so those were good! Haha
 Rob Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

Did the family see a lot of each while the brothers were in college?
“@TimmerMcGrath yes sir. @chrisgronkowski went to college with me and my parents always came to the games supporting!
 Rob Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet 

Who had the best college career?
“@KW0N9 @GronkNation @RobGronkowski @DGronko dan cuz rob and I only started for 2 seasons dan was playing for like 5 lol
 Chris Gronkowski17 hours agoReplyRetweet  
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